Program R-053


Director, Writer, and Lead Programmer
2D Hack 'N' Slash Metroidvania, Game Maker Studio 2

For this project I lead a team of 2 people so far, and I handle a large majority of the programming work. The project is currently on hiatus because of priorities for other projects & jobs, as well as our desire to refine story/designs more before I finish it.

This was worked in early 2019, and we spent about a month on it before intended hiatus. I got to code alot of features worth sharing, such as Movement Physics, Jumping, Sliding, Combo Attacks, Wall Climbing & Jumping, Enemies with AI and Bullet Patterns, Score, Health & Energy System, and more, as seen in the Screenshots. If you wanna know more about the project, feel free to contact me! Also, shoutout to Palinus for the art!



email: [email protected] | discord: Yoshinoes#3601
studio: spectralbunny.com | cool guy: palinus