Sweet Little Lelodomine's Cake Crisis


Director, Writer, and Programmer
2D Point'N'Click Escape Room Game, Ren'Py

For this project I lead a team of 3 people. I myself wrote the story, created all of the SFX, and programmed everything.

Back in 2016 we released a build, a fully functional game that patrons, testers, and friends got access to. It was coded in Ren'Py and Python during the course of up to 6 months during my freetime. Although it turned out nice, I have decided to re-make it in Unity Engine using C# so we can make it even better. The story deserves better.

I had to code a Room Exploring System, Inventory System, Object Interaction, Events, 20+ Achivements, and other cool secret features! Lelodomine was a great learning experience and alot of fun to make. Although the private build isn't public, I don't mind showing more of the game to those interested in working with me.

Offical Game Description

"Meet a sweet girl named Lelodomine. A terrible tragedy has struck her sister’s birthday party: Twisted Lelodomine stole the first slice of cake! Join Sweet Lelodomine on a quest to return the slice and get revenge! Show your friends just how important Big Sister’s birthday party is to you!"

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email: [email protected] | discord: Yoshinoes#3601
studio: spectralbunny.com | cool guy: palinus