A Lopeliie's Tale


Director, Writer and Lead Programmer
Kinectic Visual Novel, Ren'Py

For this project I lead a team of 4 people (and growing). I wrote the story and programmed a lot of it. For this release, as this was purely a Visual Novel, there isn't much that's special programming-wise, however you can get a feel of my writing abilities by reading this. It was made during a 1-Month Game Jam (NaNoReNo 2019).

I used the VN Engine, Ren'Py, which involves coding features in Python. I had a very helpful assistant programmer working with me on programming, who I mentored throughout the development during the jam. My main role in this project is to write and direct the team. The full game is still under developement, and it will be much higher quality during final release. Visit official website below for more info.

Offical Game Description

"One of the most iconic Lopeliian tales is that of a notorious Lopeliie wielding a legendary lance and flying like a shooting star across the sky. In this tale, she will not begin as such an amazing being, instead, you will embark on a journey through her transformation from dorky warrior trainee, to illustrious hero! The tale was forged from very little information including various old heirlooms, drawings, and objects dedicated to this hero from ancient history. The truth of it all is shrouded in mystery. Throughout time, this story has been told, re-told, re-re-told, and so on. Now you can experience it as well."

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